As an adventure wedding and elopement photographer, I adore weddings—but I also resist traditions. That might sound a little odd, but hear me out. We all know that weddings are an old-school institution that involves archaic gender norms such as giving the bride away (as if women are something that can be gifted) or wearing white to indicate sexual purity (which is nobody’s business).

If you are into keeping these traditions, that’s all fine and good. After all, I’m all about getting married in exactly the way you want to. But the same thing can be said for breaking with tradition or starting your own. In either case, what you really want is a wedding day that reflects your values and the love you and your soon-to-be spouse share.

There are so many ways to make your wedding day your own. And one way to do so is to forgo the white dress for another color. Personally, I want to make the case for black wedding dresses!

Black wedding dresses are stunning and elegant. They demand your attention and absolutely dazzle the senses.

The vibe of a black wedding dress is bold, sophisticated, and distinguished. This makes it especially easy to match the decor and create a theme. Think jewel-tone flowers, black suits, and obsidian jewelry.

Believe it or not, black wedding dresses are nothing new. In fact, there’s evidence that black wedding dresses extend back more than 200 years. In ye olde days, brides could pick any color dress they wanted. This was more of a practical decision than anything else. People usually didn’t have the money for a dress they could only wear once, so picking a color other than white made sense for some couples. While these black dresses aren’t exactly a tradition in itself, it’s still pretty cool to think about the history of wedding fashion.

Black wedding dresses are undoubtedly enjoyed by couples who prefer a gothic aesthetic. But that’s not to say these dresses are exclusive to Halloween fans. Lots of people enjoy black wedding dresses including (but not limited to): non-traditional couples, artists, secular couples, avant-garde fashionistas, and just people who “never felt like a white-dress kind of person.”

Yes, white wedding dresses are beautiful—I got married in a white wedding dress myself—but so are black wedding dresses. Or really any color wedding dress for that matter: bold red, splendid purple, pale blue, champagne, gentle pink. In short, choosing a different-colored wedding dress isn’t anything to shy away from.

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