Love and Engagement in San Francisco

When An reached out about her upcoming proposal, I was excited to capture the special moment. But what made it extra fun was that An disguised the opportunity as a graduation photoshoot. Clever, right?

An took her girlfriend to San Francisco's Union Square District dressed in her graduation gown. I snapped a few pictures before asking the couple to stand back to back. A little further, a little further.

As An’s girlfriend Sam looked off into the distance, An pulled the ring out of her pocket. I was so nervous that a passerby might ruin the surprise. It’s San Francisco in the late afternoon, after all. It’s a busy place. But I think everyone just behind the photo frame was eager for An to pop the question.

When Sam turned around to see An on one knee, her reaction was golden! Equal parts shocked and delighted. I snapped dozens of photos of Sam’s raw reaction. The crowd cheered along with the happy couple as Sam said, “Yes.”

The rest of the shoot was a breeze. The newly engaged couple were so in shock and love after the big question, they barely knew I was there. I’m sure An felt a big relief after popping the question. It’s a situation that can give anyone butterflies in the basket.

An and Sam spent the rest of the afternoon exploring Union Square before wrapping up the day by watching the sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge. How perfect is that!

As I drove the newly engaged couple to the next location, I learned that Union Square was a special place for them. It’s where they had lunch together between work or classes after meeting. So it only made sense to have a graduation photoshoot there—and to sneak in a “Will you marry me?”

Tips for Planning Your Surprise Proposal

  • Keep it a secret and keep calm! I talk to couples all the time who could have guessed what was going on because their partner was acting nervous. If you follow our next tip, you don't have THAT much to be nervous about!
  • Talk about it before hand! It's always best to have a conversation to make sure you're on the same page, whether that's getting married in the first place, or how the proposal happens.
  • Get the right ring. If you've chatted about getting married, chances are you've also talked about the ring. So make sure to take note and save, or go together to pick the ring out!
  • Location, location. Choose a meaningful location, or a beautiful spot your partner will love. Just be aware of the limitations of the location you pick if it's outside. Can it rain? Will the ground be stable? Roll with the punches, because even a fight or bad weather can't stop the fun!
  • Hire a photographer! A lot of couples I've interacted with are shy and want a private proposal, but a photographer won't take away from that special and private moment. It's a great way to announce the engagement!

Booking Your Own Proposal Photography

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