Elopements—the Intersection of Love & Adventure

Have you stopped to ask yourself what your perfect wedding day would be like? Have you imagined what getting married could be like if you removed the expectations of the day? Whether you're eloping having a traditional wedding, we believe that there's no better way to have the best day ever than to make it completely your own. At Love & Latitudes, we specialize in taking your love outside, having wild and intimate moments in your favorite places. Take your wedding day outside, because your love deserves an amazing adventure.

Why Elope?

You’re here, so that means you’ve thought about what eloping means for your wedding day. Doing it exactly your way is what we’re all about. So why should you elope? Eloping means your wedding day is exactly what you want it to be. Want to hike sunrise for your first look? Want to read your vows over a cliff side? Want to see a National Park for the first time? Take the fuss out of your wedding day, and have a brilliant adventure.

Let's Elope

Meet Your Future Photographer & Officiant

We’re Diana and Isiah, an adventurous couple who wants to help you celebrate your special moments in your favorite places. After we eloped in Joshua Tree National Park, our path forward became clear. We wanted to give other couples the amazing experience we had on our wedding day. Get to know us!

Our Morals, Our Business

Love and Latitudes Photography is where love and adventure cross paths. We believe in helping you celebrate you and your loved ones—and we couldn't do that if we weren't inclusive. We do not discriminate based on gender, religion, ethnicity, or political preference. We welcome everyone who wants photos in the great outdoors because we know that love transcends all. Whether photographing couples or families, we believe in capturing your most special moments. Stay lovely!

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You Made it This Far, Let's Elope

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