Before I started my business, I thought wedding photography wasn’t for me. And honestly, that’s probably because I didn’t want to get married—not until I met my now-husband.

If that sounds sweet, it kind of isn’t! I thought love wasn’t for me. I thought I would never be able to put up with someone for that long. And I resisted the idea of ownership. Let’s be real—as a woman—a lot of the traditions around marriage and weddings can make it feel like you’re being sold from one family to another.

Another issue I faced was the concept of big, traditional weddings. The idea of a whole production stressed me out. I like intimacy and connection on a small scale. And I didn’t realize that there was another way to do things. But then I discovered elopements.

I was hit with waves of relief and excitement washed over me when I learned about small, intimate weddings in national parks and outdoor areas. I’ve always felt a greater connection to nature than I ever did to a church or venue. But if nature could be my venue—that was just too perfect to pass up.

I know what you’re thinking—aren’t elopements just another name for shotgun weddings or Vegas runaways? Not exactly. While I assume that still happens from time to time, the term elopement has taken on new meaning in recent years and is closer to tiny adventure weddings.

When I learned about this new way of eloping, I was sold. Not only on my own wedding day but also on the career path of wedding and elopement photography.

I married my husband (and business partner) in Joshua Tree National Park in 2019. Only our immediate families joined us, along with our officiant. It was absolutely perfect: low-key, private, and all our own.

If this sounds like how you envision your wedding day, then reach out and let’s discuss your adventure wedding. It can be anything you like—and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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