To live authentically means to steep yourself in everything that’s you. So why shouldn’t your wedding day be just that? I’m assuming you’re here because you realize you want to get married in the most “you” way possible. You don’t want a big wedding. No offense to anyone who does—but it’s just not for you.

Instead, you want a small, intimate wedding or elopement. You want an epic adventure, or a new experience, or something in between. Something special that focuses on you and your special someone.

You’re not alone. As an outdoor wedding and elopement photographer, I love working with clients who prefer to celebrate their love with a small ceremony in the great outdoors, doing exactly what they want for their perfect wedding day.


  • It feels impersonal like the whole day is about pleasing your guests and less about you and your partner.
  • You or your fiancé are introverts, so being in the spotlight all day is tiresome.
  • It’s expensive for all the wrong reasons.
  • You value experience and authenticity over what a wedding day should look like. 


  • It feels intimate, personal, and all your own. 
  • It’s romantic to whisk each other away and get married.
  • Just the two of you taking the leap to elope is romantic.
  • You can do whatever you want—even if that means hiking to the top of a mountain!

Questions About Elopements

Got questions? You aren’t the only ones—here are some of the most common questions we get asked about elopements. Have a specific question we didn’t answer below? Reach out to Love and Latitudes and we’ll help you out!

Can I have guests? Or is it just the two of us?

Yes, you can have guests! The modern-day small wedding ranges from micro-weddings with up to 25 guests, to true elopements with no guests. It can be just you two, or you can invite your immediate family and a couple of friends to an epic location or Airbnb.

Doesn’t somebody need to witness or officiate our wedding?

Yes. For your wedding to be legal and official, you need to sign a few documents in front of an officiant to walk you through the vows and ‘I do’s. Luckily, we have a wedding officiant on staff who is comfortable hosting religious or secular ceremonies. Some states require at least one or two other witnesses. Double-check your state’s rules before eloping.

Want to skip the officiant? Colorado is the only state in the nation where you can skip the officiant and witnesses and self-solemnize! 

Won’t my parents, family, and friends be mad?

It depends on each person. It’s natural for people to feel left out, especially friends and family. But they should still be happy for you and your fiancé if you decide this is how you want to celebrate your love. 

Not to mention, it’s sometimes impossible to invite everyone you want to your ceremony. An elopement is a great excuse for inviting as few people as possible. Ironically, people tend to feel less left out if they aren’t the only ones who can’t come.

Is eloping where you secretly run away to Las Vegas and get married by an Elvis impersonator? Or when you get married at the courthouse?

Only if you want it to be, and we are super down with that! But an elopement can be anything from a small ceremony in your backyard, to a days-long hike into the wilderness, to simply visiting a courthouse. There are really no limits when it comes to having the most “you” wedding ever and doing exactly what you want!

Can I still send around a wedding registry if I’m not inviting everyone to the ceremony?

Of course. Lots of couples choose to set up wedding registries ahead of their elopement or even after. While some couples feel awkward asking for gifts even if they don’t invite anyone to the ceremony, the truth is that many friends and family members want to support you two anyway. And a wedding gift registry helps them do that.

Can I still have decorations, a cake, flowers, and champagne?

The short answer is: Yes. But if you are getting married outdoors, there might be some local restrictions in place to reduce the impact on the natural environment. Your adventure wedding photographer will help you navigate these rules, and recommend some awesome vendors to work with. 

Can I have the ceremony in private but still have a big wedding reception for everyone?

Looking to have the best of both worlds? That’s fantastic! You can absolutely host a private ceremony and then throw a big party later. You can do it the same day or put off the reception until a later date. It’s totally up to you.

Can you have a honeymoon after an elopement?

Yes! If you’re the kind of person looking for an elopement, you’re probably pretty adventurous. So enjoy the opportunity to take a honeymoon immediately following your elopement, days later, or months down the line.

Can I elope in a national park?

Absolutely! There are so many to choose from, but we have guides for Death Valley and Joshua Tree, with more coming soon. And don't worry—we'll help you plan your epic National Park wedding. 

Can I bring my dog to my wedding?

Yes. But there are caveats. Dogs won’t be allowed at every location, so you’ll have to choose one that does, or leave Fido at the Airbnb while you get married. Aside from that, we love it when you bring your furry friends to all kinds of photoshoots. Every dog is different, and as the owner, you know what your dog can handle and what they can’t. If you do decide to bring your dog, check out our blog to get tips and tricks on how to make your experience with your pup the best one!

So Is An Elopement Right for You?

Are you sold on the idea of eloping or booking a small wedding? Start by reaching out to a wedding and elopement photographer willing to help you every step along the way. Book your elopement photographer with Love and Latitudes today!

Want a little more information? Read our blog on how to elope in 2021, which goes much more into depth about the steps you need to complete to elope. 

Elopement Packages

+ Full or half day photography coverage.
+ Planning and vendor services included.
+ Assistance choosing locationa, with you and your guests needs in mind.
+ Online gallery with 500+ high-resolution photos.
+ Option to download all images, purchase prints online for personal use.
+ Photographer travel fees included, minus permits.
+ Up to 25 attendees for elopements, 100 attendees for weddings.
+ Optional officiant services.

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Elopement Packages

+ Full or half day photography coverage.

+ Planning and vendor services included.

+ Assistance choosing the perfect location, with you and your 

  guests needs in mind.

+ Online gallery with 500+ high-resolution photos.

+ Option to download all images and purchase prints online for 

  personal use.

+ Photographer travel fees included, minus permits.

+ Up to 25 attendees for elopements, 100 attendees for weddings.

+ Optional officiant services.

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