Exploring New Places in My Favorite City

Like a lot of travel photographers, I keep a crazy schedule. Sometimes a bit too crazy for comfort. While I’m officially based in Southern California, I arguably spend more time away from my home base than I do in it. A lot of this mobility is due to the fact that I live and work out of a converted camper van (#vanlife), which is both a blessing and a hassle.

Every now and then I have to leave my camper van—nicknamed “Clyde”—to hop on a plane. The most recent instance was a trip to San Francisco for a courthouse wedding and a maternity shoot. So, I shuffled onto the plane and made the hour-long flight from LAX to SFO.

While in the City, I scouted locations. This is one of my favorite parts of my job as an elopement photographer. I love checking out locations, even if I’ve been there before. You never know when an area might have changed or when a new angle will strike your fancy. On this day, I got to explore Lover’s Lane in San Francisco!

Lover’s Lane is the oldest foot trail in the Presidio. Fun fact: It’s often confused with Wood Line, the hike that immediately comes to mind when people think of Lover’s Lane. But if you Google Maps it, you’ll find what you’re looking for nonetheless. Wood Line is the creation of artist and environmentalist Andy Goldsworthy. The trees that line the path are from a eucalyptus grove and were planted by the US Army to re-canopy the Presidio after the Cyprus trees died off. The dead trees were used by Goldsworthy to create this enchanting pathway. Better still, this eco-friendly art piece will eventually fade into the soil.

In any case, this whole area made for a stunning maternity shoot!

Unfortunately, my courthouse wedding fell through due to a last-minute cancellation by the bride-to-be. But that’s okay. I decided to explore San Francisco’s City Hall anyway. And wow, I’m glad that I did!

For my money, I’d bet that this is the prettiest building in the Bay Area. Every portion offered something to dazzle the senses—from the epic steps in the main hall, to the wooden paneled elevators, to the windows offering a perfect backdrop for newly married couples.

While I was there, I got to watch not one, but five weddings! I was amazed, especially considering how early in the day it was.

I still had plenty of time left in my day, so I headed to Alamo Square to see the Painted Ladies. The weather was perfect, making the whole thing even more delightful.

Shortly after that, I packed up and got back on the plane to LAX. The whole trip was just under 48 hours, but I accomplished a lot in that short period. The Bay Area is one of my favorite places to visit and I’m already looking forward to my next journey.

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