Written by Diana Lustig

This year has been hard on everyone. We’ve all had to cancel plans, delay travels and learn new behaviors to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But it’s also important to remember that life goes on and that we can continue to celebrate our love, albeit in new ways.

While many couples have decided to pause their wedding days until conditions improve, other couples are eager to tie the knot. Fortunately, there are ways to get hitched without getting sick or exposing your guests to undue risks—namely, outdoor elopements.

COVID-compliant elopements are a perfect way to get married as soon as possible. Here are a few tips to ensure a safe and happy wedding day.

Enjoy an Outdoor Elopement

Personally, I love the great outdoors. That’s why I became an adventure wedding and outdoor elopement photographer. Speaking from experience, an outdoor elopement can be just as or even more special than a traditional indoor wedding.

Better still, open air helps reduce your chances of getting sick. So forego the traditional indoor wedding and explore the mountains of Northern California, or the painted deserts of Arizona, or wherever you find beauty.

Pay Attention to Local Restriction

One of the toughest parts about the pandemic is that restrictions change rapidly. What is okay and acceptable one day is narrowly restricted the next. What is okay for one area is forbidden in another.

While restrictions vary based on location, your elopement photographer can help you navigate these restrictions to help you find the perfect spot for your wedding day.

Keep Guest Lists Small

By now, most of us have solidified our “pods.” Pods are groups of family and friends who we see regularly. By keeping to these pods, we greatly reduce our risks of contracting or spreading the virus when compared to large gatherings.

Elopements, as you might expect, are small destination weddings. But how small exactly is up to you!

Your elopement can be just you, your spouse, your officiant and your photographer. Or you can invite your immediate family and a few close friends. It’s totally up to you.

Another benefit of keeping a guest list small is reducing traveling to prevent folks from accidentally spreading the virus or contracting it during their travels.

No matter who you decide to invite, it’s wise to wear masks and have sanitizer on hand.

Dress to Impress (Masks Included)

You have your dress or suit all picked out. But don’t forget your mask!

Luckily there’s lots of super cute mask options out there—from wedding specific surgical masks to matching masks to bold cotton masks. You can even match your mask with your flower arrangements.

While it’s smart to wear your mask in public, you can certainly social distance from your guests, photographer and officiant. This allows you to take off your mask for photos, the ceremony, reading vows and making toasts.

Plan Your Day

Weddings and elopements take a lot of planning outside of the ceremony itself. From booking a hotel or Airbnb, to choosing a florist or creating a bouquet yourself, to choosing outfits and so much more. Fortunately, elopements are less planning intensive than weddings, but that’s not to say they are easy.

While you can certainly make all the arrangements yourself, it’s nice to have help! Use your photographer as a resource to help you make decisions or provide you options.

Book a COVID-Compliant Wedding and Elopement Photographer

Love & Latitudes Photography is more than happy to offer your wedding day, your way. We will help you navigate local restrictions to find the perfect location. We will follow all the guidelines and help you every step of the way, so you can focus on your big day!

Are you ready to get hitched? Book your elopement today!