An Intimate Wedding in the Arizona Desert

Written by Diana Lustig

A Sunrise Elopement in Lost Dutchman State Park

I love morning elopements in the Arizona desert. The air is crisp and cool. The sun is just peeking over the horizon, spreading its gentle yellow rays over the landscape. And our couples are full of anticipation, excitement—and yes—maybe a little nervousness too.

It’s in these blue and golden hours that our couple arrives at Lost Dutchman State Park, after hours of planning and deciding where the best possible place is for them to elope. From getting ready for the big day to the “first look” photo, nature grants the couple the silence and calm before the craziness of their wedding day with its most beautiful hues.

This early in the morning, the world is so still that it makes the whole world feel like a private venue just for the couple on their wedding day. It’s in this sacred space that the couple shares their vows through cracking voices and teary eyes. The wedding officiant pronounces the couple married—and the two set off on a lifelong adventure with one another before most people have even had their breakfasts.

While afternoon, evening, and nighttime weddings all offer their own benefits, there’s just something refreshing and special about a morning elopement. Instead of spending the whole day getting prepped for the ceremony, the couple gets to spend the rest of their day, their way; whether that’s eating cake with the family, hiking up a mountain in their wedding dress and boots, or even escaping to their A-Frame Airbnb alone to enjoy each other’s company.

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A couple embraces on their elopement day in the desert at sunrise.
A silhouette of the iconic mountains at Lost Dutchman State Park in the early morning.
A couple touches foreheads during their Arizona elopement at Lost Dutchman State Park.
A couple dances among cacti during their desert sunrise elopement.
A couple poses lovingly during their sunrise elopement at Lost Dutchman State Park.
A bride and groom locks eyes during their sunrise elopement in Arizona.
A couple embraces at Lost Dutchman State Park during their Arizona elopement.
A couple looks away from each other at their sunrise elopement.
A couple stands before an officiant during their desert sunrise elopement at Lost Dutchman State Park.
A couple stands before an officiant during their desert sunrise elopement in Arizona.

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