Skating in San Diego

I’ve only recently picked up roller skating. And while I still need a lot of practice, it’s become my favorite way of unwinding after a long day of editing photos. I’m a long way off from roller disco or fancy tricks, but I love to watch skaters do their thing.

So naturally I just had to photograph a cute couple skating together. That’s where Clarisse and Steph came in. 

I met Clarisse and Steph on top of a San Diego parking garage at sunset. The weather was warm and balmy, perfect skating weather. Clarisse donned her quad skates while Steph rode her longboard. The photoshoot was full of laughter as the couple spun about, snugged and smiled. What an adorable couple!

This was such a perfect shoot that it makes me want to do more skating photography ASAP!

If you want to do your own couple’s adventure photoshoot—on skates, climbing rocks, hiking trails, or in the water)—reach out to me! I’d love to join you for the adventure.

Tips and Tricks for Skating Photos

Want to have the perfect skating photoshoot? Follow these tips and tricks for capturing the best photos ever:

  • Get fun with your outfit. This is the perfect time to bust out your funky, grunge or goth clothing!
  • Don't be afraid to be intimate! Chances are, you'll be holding onto each other and possibly falling. Have fun with it, and lean into being so physically close together. The photos will be too cute to handle.
  • Urban or nature? Urban environments are perfect for skating photoshoots. Boardwalks, parking lots, and parking garages all make for great backdrops. But skating photos can also take place in nature, on backroads with beautiful views.
  • Be safe. No one wants to get hurt during their photoshoot! Know your limits: it's okay to stop skating or sit down if need be. Photos will still look cute if you aren't moving around. Don't believe me? Check out the photos below!

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